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It didn't take long before I realized how much my daughter loved jewelry, or anything that sparkles, for that matter!

I know every little girl doesn't grow up loving the same things but she's her Mama's child, loving fairy tales, princesses and jewels. She wanted to be grown up and I'd catch her wearing my high heels and knee boots which, at the time, for her could be called leg boots! She's a little taller now but every time something new comes to my treasure chest I hear "Can I have it?!" in the most excited voice.

I wanted to start something that allowed Moms to shop but also choose something that could be shared or even given to their children when that "Can I have it?!" question comes along. Of course, being a single Mom and knowing that jewelry can be quite expensive, I wanted to find things that didn't cost a small fortune. Along the way, I usually find great things that I love which you can find sprinkled throughout the site.

I want you to get that feeling that I feel when I'm able to treat myself, even if its something like a ring that matches my favorite shirt. Each time you receive one of our items hopefully it's like Christmas morning, like there was some thought put into a gift coming to you. As Moms, and adults I think we all miss the magic of those moments!

I would also like to share with everyone we are based out of Auburn, Alabama. We are a very small business. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Come back often as I will be adding new things all the time!

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We are a small, family-owned

business, working around the

clock to bring the best products

to our customers. We provide boutique jewelry and tees and anything else we find beautiful and unique!

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